1. Essential reading 3 items
    1. Course notes:

      1. English Legal System
      2. Aspects of Tort
      3. Business Matters
      4. Property Law


    2. Law for business students - Alix Adams 2018 (electronic resource)


    3. Law for business students - Alix Adams 2018


  2. Recommended Reading 7 items
    1. Business law - Ewan MacIntyre 2016


    2. Darbyshire on the English legal system - Penny Darbyshire 2014


    3. Essential law for landowners and farmers - Sydenham, Angela, Monnington, Bruce, Pym, Andrew 2002 (electronic resource)


    4. Essential law for landowners and farmers - Sydenham, Angela, Monnington, Bruce, Pym, Andrew, Gregory, Michael 2002


    5. Keenan and Riches' Business law - Riches, Sarah, Allen, Vida 2013


    6. Liability of the negligent surveyor - Maltz, Ben, Vegoda, Victor H. 2001


    7. Additional research will be required using library texts on the main areas of English Legal System, Contract, Tort, Land and Business Law and specialist journals may be usefully consulted, e.g. the New Law Journal and the Estates Gazette (see below).

  3. Online Library Resources 3 items
    1. EGi

      Webpage  Estates Gazette interactive - news, law and research for the property market. Initial login required (see Library Homepage via web portal), then register to receive personal username and password

    2. iSurv

      Webpage  Case law and other documents on vlauation, property, surveying, planning and construction. Login via portal and access throught the online database page of the library

    3. LexisNexis

      Webpage  Legal database with, among other things, a wide range of law reports and includes an online version of the latest edition of Scammell and Densham's law of agricultural holdings.Click on the link to 'Academic Sign In ', then the 'Athens Sign In' link. Enter your personal Athens login details

  4. Recommended Websites 6 items
    1. Bailii - British and Irish Legal Information Institute

      Website  British and Irish Legal Information Institute with case law and legislation to some overseas jurisdictions as well as our own.

    2. The Law Society

      Webpage  The Law Society (governing body of solicitors) site is good for general background and comment on a wide range of current and relevant issues


      Website  This is the government site containing the full text of recent statutes, additional material on new legislation and revisions to primary legislation.

    4. RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

      Website  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ site with useful current affairs, commentary and law reports. You should familiarise yourself with this site as a prospective chartered surveyor, as well as for this module.

    5. UK Parliament

      Website  The UK Parliament website contains the full text of bills in progress.

  5. This module relates to the law of England and Wales although many of the principles, techniques and substantive laws are applicable throughout the United Kingdom.


    For those of you with an interest in Scotland try :

    For further information on Northern Ireland, a starting point is :


    Note :   any use of information or direct quotations from websites must, of course, be acknowledged and referenced in the same way as  more traditional material. Consult the Harper Adams Referencing Guidelines for the accepted format.


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