1. Essential Reading 3 items
    1. Rating valuation: principles and practice - Bond, Patrick H., Brown, Peter K. 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book  Requires Harper login for off campus access.

    2. Rating valuation: principles and practice - Patrick H. Bond, P. K. Brown 2018


  2. Recommended Reading 12 items
    1. National taxation for property management and valuation - MacLeary, A. R. 1991

      Book  Although some years old, this book may be usefully referred to for direct application to surveyors and valuers

    2. Rating law and valuation - Plimmer, Frances A. S. 1998

      Book  Rather dated but still provides a useful overview if Bond and Brown is not available

    3. Ryde on rating and the council tax: Vol 2 - Roots, GRG. 1990

      Book  A detailed publication, useful for researching material for your presentations. See in particular Chapter 5 on Agricultural land and buildings

    4. Taxation of farmers and landowners - Stanley, Oliver, Baird, Adrian, Hutton, Matthew 2001

      Book  Regular updates. A detailed publication - a useful reference library resource

    5. Taxation: Policy and Practice 2017/18 - Andy Lymer, Lynne Oats 2017


    6. Tolley's tax guide 2017-18 - Claire Hayes, Ruth Newman 2017


    7. Valuation: principles into practice - R. E. H. Hayward 2008 (electronic resource)


    8. Valuation: principles into practice - Hayward, Richard E. H 2008

      Book  Some useful chapters on rating valuations

  3. Journals 1 item
    1. Insight: the monthly journal from the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation - Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation

      Journal  This journal sometimes contains articles or cases which you may find useful when researching material for your presentations

  4. Some Useful Sources of Tax Information on the Internet 14 items
    1. The following websites contain useful and authoritative information, issued by the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise, on current taxation matters.

    2. Business rates

      Webpage  A useful up to date guide to business rates

    3. Customer Guide to Inheritance Tax

      Webpage  As well as general coverage of IHT, this guide explains specialist areas such as agricultural relief, woodland relief and the interaction of business and agricultural relief.

    4. Farmers and Market Gardeners

      Document  Information on some of the special rules applying to farmers including profit averaging, herd basics elections and agricultural property relief. (Homepage: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk)

    5. HM Revenue and Customs: Manuals Index Page

      Webpage  A list of Staff Manuals used by HMRC that have now been or will be shortly published on the HMRC web site. They contain very detailed exploration and guidance under the following subject: Accounting, banking and finance; Company and business; Employment; Environmental Taxes; European Union; Excise; Import, export and international; Insurance, investments, pensions and savings; Operational HM Revenue & custom manuals; PAYE; Personal taxation; Property and real estate; Tax credits; VAT

    6. HM Revenue & Customs: National Statistics

      Webpage  Digest of Inland Revenue/Taxation statistics. (Homepage: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk)

    7. Property Income Manual

      Webpage  This guide describes the income tax rules that apply if you receive rental income and other income from land and property from April 1995 onwards. It provides guidance about what income is within the former Schedule A, what expenses can be set against that income and how to arrive at the taxable profit or allowable loss of a tax year. It also covers income from overseas property. (Homepage: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk)

    8. Tax-exempt Heritage Assets

      Webpage  The database gives details of assets exempted from capital taxes and how the public can see them. (Homepage: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk)

    9. Trusts an introduction

      Webpage  This leaflet is a short guide to trusts and how they are taxed. It covers the basic types of private family trusts, but not the special trusts or non-residential trusts. It gives some answers to questions that are commonly asked about trusts. (Homepage: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk)

    10. UK Taxation Directory

      Website  Independent UK Tax Directory - numerous links. http://www.uktax.demon.co.uk

    11. The Valuation Office

      Website  The Valuation office website - the site to go to if you want to look at Non-Domestic Ratings lists but it also contains a wealth of other information on rates and Council Tax. By using the search engine you can also get through to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Rating Manual. http://www.voa.gov.uk

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