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Name Code Type
Academic Skills R3001C17 Module
Agency and Tenancy Law R5013C17 Module
Agricultural Business Development R6007 Module
Agricultural Economics, Policy and Trade R7030 Module
Agricultural Production Policy and Trade R7022 Module
Agricultural Tenancies R7031 Module
Agricultural Tenancy Law R6008 Module
Agriculture and the Environment R5026 Module
Agriculture for Rural Property Managers R5024 Module
Agriculture for the Land and Business Professional R6026 Module
Animal Health and Welfare in the Livestock Market R4037 Module
Applied International Business R6024 Module
Applied Valuation and Taxation R5045 Module
Applied Valuation and Taxation R6004 Module
Assessment of the Farm Business R4010C17 Module
BAC English 2 R5039 Module
Business Accounting and Finance - BAC R5040 Module
Business Communication Technology R4011C17 Module
Business Data Analysis R4008C17 Module
Business Economics (BAC) R4030 Module
Business Organisation and Accounting (BAC) R4032 Module
Business Structures, Strategies and Finance R6010 Module
Business Studies R3005 Module
Business, Residential Tenancies and Land Law R6009 Module
Compensation and Utilities R5016C17 Module
Compensation and Utilities R7032 Module
Construction R4001C17 Module
Consumer Behaviour - BAC R5041 Module
Countryside and Land Management R5033 Module
Countryside Interpretation, Education and Visitor Management R6011 Module
Creativity and Enterprise R4012C17 Module
E-business - BAC R5042 Module
eBusiness R5006C17 Module
Economic Policies R5007C17 Module
Economic Policy and Rural Development R6012 Module
Education and Outdoor Studies R5020 Module
Enterprise R3006 Module
Enterprise Management (BAC) R4031 Module
Enterprise Studies R3002C17 Module
Environmental Assessment and Management R6013 Module
Estate Management Law R4002C17 Module
Estate Management Law R7033 Module
Farm Business Analysis R7023 Module
Farm Business Law R5009 Module
Farm Business Management R5020C17 Module
Farm Business Management & Policy R5008 Module
Farm Business Management and Economics R5003C17 Module
Farm Business Management for Land Managers R5025 Module
Farm Business Operation and Planning R5001C17 Module
Farm Business Planning R7024 Module
Farm Business Strategic Planning R7036 Module
Farm Financial Management and Economies R4009 Module
Farm Management Assignment R5032 Module
Farming systems and the environment R5015C17 Module
Farmland Conservation Policy R7004 Module
Farmland Ecology and Management R7005 Module
Financial Decision Making R5008C17 Module
Global Issues and their Business Impact R3003C17 Module
Group Market Research Project R5004C17 Module
Human Resource Management R6027 Module
HZAU English 2 R5021C17 Module
Integrated Land Management R6014 Module
International Business Law (BAC) R4029 Module
International Marketing R5038 Module
International Marketing R5009C17 Module
International Rural Property R6015 Module
International Strategic Investment Options R7025 Module
International Trade and Business Development (BAC) R4028 Module
Introduction to Business for Rural Advisors R4003C17 Module
Introduction to Economics R4013C17 Module
Land Economics R7038 Module
Land Information and Research Skills R5012C17 Module
Land Tenure Systems R7039 Module
Land Use and Management R7040 Module
Law and Taxation for the Livestock Auctioneer R4043 Module
Leadership and People Management R7041 Module
Leadership and People Management R5011 Module
Leadership and Professional Development R7016 Module
Livestock Market Operational Management R4038 Module
Livestock Markets and the Supply Chain R4039 Module
Managing Business Resources R5018C17 Module
Managing Countryside Projects R6016 Module
Managing Leisure and Tourism Events R5021 Module
Managing People R6023 Module
Managing People - BAC R5043 Module
Marketing Principles R4009C17 Module
Operational Management of the Farm Business R7042 Module
Personal, Professional and Academic Development R4021C17 Module
Planning and Development R5011C17 Module
Planning Law and Policy (Emma Pierce-Jenkins) R7043 Module
Principles of Countryside Recreation Management R4026 Module
Principles of Finance R7044 Module
Professional Practice Project R7045 Module
Professional Practice Skills Development R4004C17 Module
Professional Services in Farm Business Management R5002C17 Module
Professional Skills Development R4005C17 Module
Project and Event Management R5010C17 Module
Property and Facilities Management R6005 Module
Quality and Operations Management - BAC R5044 Module
Research Project R7052 Module
Revenue Law & Statutory Valuation R6018 Module
Rural Asset Strategy and Management R6019 Module
Rural Asset Valuation (Mark Simcock) R7046 Module
Rural Buildings Design and Appraisal R7047 Module
Rural Business Opportunities R6020 Module
Rural Diversification and Events R6021 Module
Rural Estate Taxation and Planning R7048 Module
Rural Geography and Economics R4006C17 Module
Rural Land Policy Development R7049 Module
Sales and Customer Service R5005C17 Module
Spanish Language Stage 1A R3007C17 Module
Spanish Language Stage 1B R4017C17 Module
Strategic Management R6025 Module
Strategic Management for International Agribusiness R7050 Module
Taxation R5017C17 Module
Team Challenge R3004C17 Module
The Organisation in its Environment R4014C17 Module
Valuation R5014C17 Module
Valuation and Estate Management R4007C17 Module
Valuation for the Livestock Auctioneer R4044 Module

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