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Name Code Type
Academic and Professional Skills for the Food Industry F4001C17 Module
Advanced Aspects of Nutrition F6004 Module
Advanced Research Methods Social Science F7031 Module
Agri-food Marketing F4005C17 Module
Agri-food Supply Chain Strategy, Operations and Management F7035 Module
Agricultural Products and Food Quality F5002 Module
Agricultural Products and Food Quality F5019C17 Module
Animal Product Processing F5006C17 Module
Animal Production, Meat Processing and Quality F7001 Module
Broiler Production, Poultry Processing and Quality F7013 Module
Consumer Behaviour F6008 Module
Dairy Science, Milk Processing and Public Health F7014 Module
Development of Food Products and Sensory Evaluation F5018C17 Module
Entrepreneurship and innovative practice in the Business Environment F5016C17 Module
Entrepreneurship and the SME Environment F5013 Module
Entrepreneurship and the SME Environment F5017C17 Module
European Food Innovation and Trade F6015 Module
Farm Assurance and Quality F5003C17 Module
Food and Food Materials (BAC) F4007 Module
Food Biotechnology A5035 Module
Food Biotechnology - BAC F4008 Module
Food Biotechnology and Food Processing F5013C17 Module
Food Business Operations Management F7015 Module
Food Business Supply Chain Management F7016 Module
Food Creativity, Styling and Photography F5008C17 Module
Food Creativity, Styling and Photography F5014 Module
Food Industry Work-based Project 1 F7017 Module
Food Industry Work-Based Project 2 F7018 Module
Food Marketing F5004C17 Module
Food marketing - BAC F5003 Module
Food Policy and Ethics F7006 Module
Food Policy, Law and Ethics F6005 Module
Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging F5004 Module
Food Processing, Quality and Safety F7007 Module
Food Product Development F7008 Module
Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation F5012 Module
Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation in Supply Chains F5011C17 Module
Food Product Manufacture and Supply F6017 Module
Food Quality and Agricultural Products F5010 Module
Food Quality and Sensory Evaluation Applied to Artisanal Food A5049 Module
Food Quality Management F6006 Module
Food Security and Food Safety F5009 Module
Food Security and Sustainability F7009 Module
Food Security and Sustainable Food Production F6002 Module
Food Studies F3001C17 Module
Global Food Production & Quality (BAC) F4006 Module
Hygiene and Food Safety F5005 Module
Hygiene and Food Safety A5030 Module
Hygiene and Food Safety (Lynne McIntyre) F5012C17 Module
International Agri-business Management F7010 Module
International Agribusiness F6009 Module
International Retailing F6010 Module
Introduction to Food Science F4002C17 Module
Introduction to Food Science and Biotechnology F4009C17 Module
Introduction to Food Service and Retail F4003C17 Module
Introduction to Small Business Management F5005C17 Module
Issues in Global Food Production F4004C17 Module
Logistics and Distribution F4006C17 Module
Management Consultancy Project F6011 Module
Management of Food Product Development F7032 Module
Marketing and Brand Management for the Agri- Sector F5001C17 Module
Marketing Communications F5002C17 Module
Marketing for the Agri-food Sector. F7033 Module
Nature of Food F4007C17 Module
New Product Development F6012 Module
Principles and Practices of Food Sustainability F5009C17 Module
Psychology of Food Choice F5015C17 Module
Public Health Nutrition F5014C17 Module
Research and Information Skills F7034 Module
Research Methods (Food, Marketing and Business) F5007C17 Module
Research Methods - BAC F5006 Module
Retail Buying F6013 Module
Retail Environment and Operations (Martin Anderson) F5010C17 Module
Retail Operations - BAC F5007 Module
Strategic Management and Leadership F7030 Module
Supply Chain Management F6016 Module
Understanding, Quantifying Solving Problems - Work based Module 1 F4011C17 Module
Wellbeing Through the Lifecycle F4008C17 Module

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