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Name Code Type
Advanced Off Road Vehicle Design E6014 Module
Advanced Research Methods (Engineering) E7004 Module
Agricultural Engineering Mechanics E6002 Module
Agricultural Engineering Principles E5004 Module
Agricultural Mechanisation E4002 Module
Agricultural Mechanisation and Buildings E4001C17 Module
Applied Mechanical Science - Dynamics and Control E5008C17 Module
Applied Mechanical Science - Materials Under Load E5007C17 Module
Applied Mechanics E4004 Module
Applied Mechatronic Design E7005 Module
Building Design, Soil and Water Technology E5011 Module
Business and Management E7014 Module
Communication for Engineers E4002C17 Module
Continuum Mechanics E5016 Module
Design Simulation and Modelling E6003 Module
Electrical and Fluid Principles E4006 Module
Electrical and Hydraulic Principles E4008 Module
Electronic Control Systems E5011C17 Module
Engineering Degree Project E6004 Module
Engineering Design E5006C17 Module
Engineering for Manufacture E5004C17 Module
Engineering Group Design Project E7006 Module
Engineering Individual Design Project E7007 Module
Engineering Mathematics E4009 Module
Engineering Mathematics and Analytical Techniques E5017 Module
Engineering Mechanics E6005 Module
Engineering Science E5006 Module
Engineering Studies E3004 Module
Engineering Technology E6006 Module
Evolving Engineering Topics E7002 Module
Experimental Design and Analysis E5010C17 Module
Farm Machinery Technology and Management E5003 Module
Farm Machinery Technology and Management E5003C17 Module
Field Engineering and Farm Buildings E6007 Module
Fundamentals of Actuation E4003C17 Module
Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering E5014C17 Module
Fundamentals of Measurement E4004C17 Module
Global Agricultural Production E5015C17 Module
Group Enterprise Project (Engineering) E6008 Module
Group Research Project E7003 Module
Hydraulic and Electrical Power for Agriculture E5002C17 Module
Hydraulic power and Electrics E5002 Module
Hydraulic Systems and Control E5007 Module
Hydraulics System Design and Control E5019 Module
Individual Major Project (Engineering) E6009 Module
Information and Communication Technology E3001C17 Module
Instrumentation and Electrics E5020 Module
Instrumentation for Research and Product Development E7008 Module
Machinery Management E5016C17 Module
Management of Design E6010 Module
Manufacturing and Operations Management E5009C17 Module
Materials and Manufacture E4010 Module
Materials and Materials Processing E4007C17 Module
Mathematical Tools and techniques for engineers E4008C17 Module
Mathematics Applications and Statistics E3002C17 Module
Measurement and Control E6011 Module
Measurement and Electrical Technology E5009 Module
Mechanical Science Fundamentals - Dynamics E4005C17 Module
Mechanical Science Fundamentals - Materials Under Load E4006C17 Module
Mechatronics E6012 Module
Off-Highway Vehicle Mobility E5012C17 Module
Off-Highway Vehicle Systems E5013C17 Module
Problem Solving E4009C17 Module
Product Development and Testing E6013 Module
Product Quality E5017C17 Module
Soil Use and Farm Infrastructure E5001C17 Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer E5005C17 Module
Vehicle Technology E4003 Module

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