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Name Code Type
Advanced Agronomy C6009 Module
Advanced Agronomy for Fresh Produce C7037 Module
Advanced Research Methods (Postgraduate) C7041 Module
Agricultural Science C4010C17 Module
Applied and Conservation Ecology C6010 Module
Applied Crop Protection C6021 Module
Applied Precision Crop Production C7030 Module
Applied Wildlife Assessment C6011 Module
Aquatic Ecosystems C5021C17 Module
Behavioural Ecology and Wildlife Populations C6059 Module
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services C7044 Module
Biology C3004 Module
Biology and Epidemiology of Plant Pathogens C7061 Module
Biology and Taxonomy of Insects (Simon Leather) C7045 Module
Biology-Based Chemical Control C7021 Module
Bioscience for Agriculture C4011C17 Module
Case Study C7046 Module
Commercial and Pratical Biological Control C7047 Module
Commodity Crop and Fresh Produce Processing C5019C17 Module
Contemporary Countryside and Environmental Issues C4012C17 Module
Countryside Studies C3002C17 Module
Crop Growth and Management C5001C17 Module
Crop Improvement C6012 Module
Crop Production Science C5002C17 Module
Crop Production Science C5014 Module
Crop Production Systems C4013C17 Module
Crop Protection and Technology C5003C17 Module
Crop Protection and Technology C5006 Module
Crop Science and Sustainable Systems C5009 Module
Diagnosis and Management of Plant Pathogens C7063 Module
Diversity and Evolution of Insects C7048 Module
Ecological Principles and Decision Tools C7015 Module
Ecosystems and Environmental Resource Management C6013 Module
Environmental Monitoring C4002C17 Module
Environmental Engineering Science C3003C17 Module
Environmental Project - Field Course C6058 Module
Environmental Quality and Protection C5011 Module
Environmental Quality and Protection C5015C17 Module
Environmental Science for Agriculture C4014C17 Module
Environmental Survey and Field Skills C4003C17 Module
Forest Ecology and Conservation C7050 Module
Forest Governance and Sustainability C7017 Module
Forest Pathology and Forest Pests C7043 Module
Forest Soils, Sites and Nutrition C7051 Module
Forestry and Forest Products C5013C17 Module
Forestry and Woodland Management C7042 Module
Fresh Produce C5008C17 Module
Fresh Produce Production C7038 Module
Fresh Produce Production C5008 Module
Fundamentals of Agro Ecology C7052 Module
Geographical Information Systems and Land Use C6014 Module
Geography Field Skills C5031 Module
Global Agricultural Production C6022 Module
Grass and Forage Production and Utilisation C5004C17 Module
Grass, Forage and Environmental Science C5005 Module
Habitat, Ecology and Conservation Management C5019 Module
Insect Physiology and Behaviour C7053 Module
Integrated Countryside Management C6016 Module
Integrated Crop Management Systems C5012 Module
Integrated Crop Management Systems C5009C17 Module
Integrated Farm Management C7001 Module
Introduction to Ecology C4004C17 Module
Introduction to Geomorphology C4005C17 Module
Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment C4015C17 Module
Introduction to the Natural Environment C4006C17 Module
Introduction to Wildlife Conservation in the UK C4016C17 Module
Introductory to Research Methods C4001 Module
Landscape Development and Management C5016C17 Module
Managing People in the Environment C4007C17 Module
Modelling Geochange and the Environment C5018C17 Module
Modelling Geochange in the environment C5030 Module
Pesticide Technology C7055 Module
Plant Biosecurity C7076 Module
Plant Health Management Principles C7034 Module
Plant Health Managment Practices C7035 Module
Plant Health Principles C7077 Module
Plant Production Science C3004C17 Module
Pollution Ecology and Brownfield Reclamation C5012C17 Module
Post Harvest Technology C6018 Module
Practical Geography Skills 1 C4008C17 Module
Practical Geography Skills 2 C5020C17 Module
Principles and Practices of Crop Production C7056 Module
Research Methods C5005C17 Module
Research Methods for Environmental Scientists C5010C17 Module
Rural Skills C3001C17 Module
Skills for the Agricultural Professional C4001C17 Module
Skills for the Environmental Scientist C4009C17 Module
Social Geography and Sustainable Development C5017C17 Module
Soil and Water Management C7057 Module
Soil and Water, Nutrient Cycling, Waste Management C7058 Module
Soil Management and Crop Nutrition C5006C17 Module
Sustainable Crop Production C4017C17 Module
Sustainable Crop Production Systems C6019 Module
Sustainable Energy and the Rural Estate C6007 Module
Sustainable Energy within the Countryside C7072 Module
Sustainable Faming Systems C7060 Module
Sustainable Forestry and Forest Products C6020 Module
UK Forest Harvesting Marketing and Timber Utilisation C7039 Module
Wastes, Manures and Renewables C5007C17 Module
Wildlife Identification and Conservation C5011C17 Module

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