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Name Code Type
Academic Development A4001 Module
Academic Skills Development A4001C17 Module
Adaptive Biology A4002C17 Module
Advanced Practitioner (20 credits) A7043 Module
Advanced Veterinary Nursing (VN5) A6006 Module
Advances in Animal Production Science A6014 Module
Advances in Equine Nutrition and Health A6015 Module
Advances in Equine Science A6017 Module
Advances in Farm Animal Health and Welfare A6018 Module
Anaesthesia and Surgery A5018C17 Module
Anaesthetic Nursing A5008 Module
Anatomy for Veterinary Physiotherapy A5026C17 Module
Anatomy for Veterinary Physiotherapy A5082 Module
Animal and Crop Production Science A5003C17 Module
Animal Biotechnology and Genetics A5004C17 Module
Animal Disease Science A5009C17 Module
Animal Ethics A5014C17 Module
Animal Improvement and Bioethics A6019 Module
Animal Management and Welfare A3002C17 Module
Animal Medicines A5017C17 Module
Animal Production (Land Management) A4012C17 Module
Animal Production Systems A4005C17 Module
Applied Anatomy and Physiology A4006C17 Module
Applied Animal Behaviour A6002 Module
Applied Animal Business A3001 Module
Applied Animal Business Management A3001C17 Module
Applied Animal Health A5028C17 Module
Applied Biotechnology A5010C17 Module
Applied Clinical Animal Behaviour A6029 Module
Applied Companion Animal Health, Welfare and Behaviour A6012 Module
Applied Physiology A5003 Module
Aquaculture Environment, Health and Welfare A7057 Module
Aquaculture Production Species and Systems A7056 Module
Behavioural Methodology A5015C17 Module
Biological Molecules and Genetics A4003C17 Module
Canine Clinical Practice A6037 Module
Canine-human interactions A5020 Module
Client Support A7021 Module
Clinical Coaching in Veterinary Practice A6009 Module
Clinical Practice A6039 Module
Clinical Research Methods A5019C17 Module
Clinical Skills and Professional Practice A5039 Module
Companion Animal Behaviour A7020 Module
Companion Animal Health Care A7010 Module
Companion Animal Life Care A6008 Module
Companion Animal Management A4013C17 Module
Companion Animal Studies A5012C17 Module
Comparative Veterinary Anatomy and Locomotion A7045 Module
Complementary and Physical Therapies A6003 Module
Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavioural Problems A6013 Module
Diagnostic Imaging A5009 Module
Diagnostic Imaging and Disease Diagnosis A5037 Module
Emerging Issues in Mono-gastric Animal Production Systems A7060 Module
Equine Clinical Practice A6038 Module
Equine Health Care A7063 Module
Equine Health Care A7011 Module
Equine Nursing and Health A6010 Module
Equine Science A5013C17 Module
Evidence Based Nursing (Susan Howarth & Louise Buckley) A5002 Module
Evidence Based Rehabilitation A5025C17 Module
Farm Animal Health A5005C17 Module
Farm Animal Nursing A6020 Module
Farm Animal Nursing and Health A6011 Module
Farm Animal Nutrition A5002C17 Module
Farm Animal Production Science A5001C17 Module
Farm Animal Science A5016C17 Module
Fishery Husbandry, Management, Product Quality and Practice A7058 Module
Forces Influencing Poultry Production A7051 Module
Fundamentals of Physiology A4007C17 Module
Honours Research Project HRPROJ Module
Infection Control A6004 Module
Infection Control in the Veterinary Practice A4014C17 Module
Integrated Health Management (15 credits) A6022 Module
Integrated Health Management (30 credits) A6021 Module
Introduction to Animal Biology A3003C17 Module
Introduction to Animal Health A4008C17 Module
Introduction to Animal Welfare, Behaviour and Ethics A4009C17 Module
Introduction to Veterinary Physiotherapy A4010C17 Module
Laboratory Techniques A4004C17 Module
Large Animal Management A4015C17 Module
Law and Professional Practice for Clinical Animal Behaviour A5029C17 Module
Law, Ethics and Professional Practice A5005 Module
Livestock Production Science A5045 Module
Locomotion and Biomechanics A5027C17 Module
Medical Nursing A5021C17 Module
Metabolism and Disease A7077 Module
Mono-gastric Nutrition and Ration Formulation A7059 Module
Musculoskeletal Dysfunction A5022C17 Module
Musculoskeletal Injury and Disease A7046 Module
NCAH: Companion Animal Management and Health A5057 Module
Nursing Support for Disease Diagnosis A5023C17 Module
Philosophy of Zoos A5007C17 Module
Physiotherapy Techniques A7047 Module
Pig Breeding, Genetics and Product Quality A7054 Module
Principles and Application of Diagnostic Imaging A5020C17 Module
Principles of Animal Behaviour and Welfare A5008C17 Module
Principles of Animal Health A4011C17 Module
Principles of Ruminant Nutrition A5078 Module
Principles of Ruminant Nutrition MSc A7027 Module
Principles of Veterinary Nursing A4016C17 Module
Professional Practice for Veterinary Physiotherapists A7049 Module
Professional Practise A5024C17 Module
Professional Skills for Veterinary Physiotherapy (Level 6) A6030 Module
Professional Skills of the Veterinary Nurse A4017C17 Module
Ration Formulation and Feeding Systems A7079 Module
Recent Advances in Ruminant Nutrition - 15 credits A5080 Module
Remedial Exercise Prescription A7048 Module
Research Methods (Animals) A5011C17 Module
Ruminant Animal Production and the Feed Industry A4057 Module
Ruminant Animal Production and the Feed Industry A7026 Module
Ruminant Animal Production and the Feed Industry MSc A7081 Module
Skills for the Veterinary Physiotherapy Professional A4018C17 Module
Small Animal Intensive Care A5071 Module
Small Animal Medical Nursing A5010 Module
Small Animal Surgical Nursing A5011 Module
Sustainable Animal Production Systems (15 credits) A6023 Module
Sustainable Animal Production Systems (30 credits) A6024 Module
Sustainable Livestock Production Systems A5006C17 Module
Sustainable Livestock Production Systems A5046 Module
Systematic Delivery of Veterinary Nursing A5007 Module
Veterinary Physiology A4019C17 Module
Veterinary Hydrotherapy A7018 Module
Veterinary Pharmacy Practice A7066 Module
Veterinary Physiotherapy Professional Practice A6040 Module
Veterinary Professional Skills A7044 Module
Wildlife Care A5040 Module
Working as a Veterinary Professional A4020C17 Module

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